Outside, oak-covered acres provide more space to let their imaginations run wild.


Bear Creek

Get a peek of what’s happening at Bear Creek.  Sneak up on the bear down by the water, set up camp in a real log cabin and hop aboard the child-sized train.  It’s a great place to explore the outdoors!

Kids Street

This real-life subdivision in kid-sized proportions offers big fun.  The homes are constructed to give kids a glimpse at what goes into building.  Relax on your porch and mingle with your neighbors.  Life is pretty neat when you’re living on Kids Street!


On the Green

On the Green overlooks the beautiful Gulf of Mexico and offers a variety of outdoor fun! Discover our barrier islands and local birds at the Ship Island Lookout. Paint with water on a canvas of natural slate. Tap a tune on instruments planted in the ground at the Musical Garden. Use the tree cookies to build and learn. And, check the wind and other weather at the Weather Station. Enjoy the fresh air and outdoor fun!

Pelican Porch & Bayou Bait Shop

This covered play area on the backside of the museum provides a welcomed retreat from being on your feet.  Sit and relax while you fix pretend snacks.  And don’t forget to grab some fake bait before you head to Bear Creek!


Solar Sunflowers

Let children play in the shadows of the sunflowers, while they learn the importance of sustainable energy sources.  Solar Sunflowers produce electricity by converting the sun’s energy into electrons, demonstrating that clean energy works and is a viable option in coastal Mississippi.

Tree House Village

Play house in the tops of 100-year-old trees.  Tree House Village was created for habitation, and imagination!  Our towering live oaks spread their branches and welcome kids of all ages to come and play.  So come have fun and discover a new appreciation for nature.