Inside, 15,000 square feet of hands-on exhibits offer exciting play time, rain or shine.

Super Colossal Climbing Structure

Spanning the height of the museum, the Super Colossal Climbing Structures simulates the sea and lets children reach for the stars.  Acting as an axis for the other exhibits, it allows children, and a few brave adults, to travel from floor to floor.


First Floor


Art Knows Anything Goes

Our art studio, Art Knows Anything Goes, encourages creativity with fun, educational art projects.  Projects often relate to current holidays, historical events or special activities taking place at the museum and help children learn more about the topic.  Come see what Ms. Carla has planned today and take home a handmade souvenir!  Located on the 1st floor.

Bear Camp Bayou

Bear Camp Bayou is a special place just for little ones four years old and younger.  Toys and books are geared towards these important years of development.  Let the kids play house, put on their own puppet show, build something with big blocks or relax in the giant nest as you read their favorite book.  Located on the 1st floor.

Find out more about Bear Cub Club, our play date program for little ones and their grown-ups.  Click here for more.  


The Dolan Avenue Depot

All aboard the Dolan Avenue Express.  Costumes and props take kids back to a time when trains were a popular form of transportation.  Whether they assume the role of hard-working engineer or a passenger anticipating the journey, they’ll love this locomotive!  Located on the 1st floor.

The Little Pet Vet

Stop by to get your pet checked or play the role of a caring vet.  The Little Pet Vet gives kids the opportunity to see what takes place when they take their pet to the doctor.  They’ll discover that intake, x-rays, examinations, grooming and kenneling are all steps in having happy, healthy pets!  Located on the 1st floor.

The Port

It’s all in a day’s work at The Port.  Here, they can drag the Gulf for shrimp, operate a crane and load delicious bananas.  This exhibit will help teach them about life on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and the value of hard work.  Located on the 1st floor.

Second Floor

Celebrate the World We Share – Africa

This revolving exhibit introduces children to different cultures through customs, costumes and cuddly stuffed wildlife.  Currently, Africa is on the itinerary.  Put the kids on the plane and let their imaginations fly high.  They can jump on a jeep for an African safari and don a dashiki, the colorful garment widely worn in West Africa.  Located on the 2nd floor.


History Hotel

Kids hold the key to having fun and learning about history at this 1890’s Mississippi City hotel.  They can check in guests at the desk or check in for the night.  Whatever they choose to do, they’ll discover exciting treasures and historic secrets.  Located on the 2nd floor.

It’s A Matter of Science

This exhibit makes science exciting!  Mass, motion, sight, sound and safety are some of the topics explored through interactive activities.  It’s A Matter of Science will challenge and motivate kids to learn more about the world around them. Located on the 2nd floor.


To Market, To Market

Kids will have fun filling their carts with fruit, bread, seafood and everything on their list at this real Mississippi grocery store.  Or, they can play cashier and add up the items.  The shelves are stocked, and it’s time to shop.  Come check it out!  Located on the 2nd floor.

What It’s Like To Be Me

This exhibit is dedicated to helping children understand disabilities and differences.  It helps children better relate to the obstacles and challenges some people face completing everyday tasks and activities.  Located on the 2nd floor.



Lights, Camera, Action… be the star of your own talk show, host or participate in a game show or report the news and weather at the Live Report.  Children are the stars of this show and imagination is the only limitation.  Located on the 2nd floor.